Who am I?

I have over ten years experience of working within the Probation Service.

I have worked with clients from all walks of life, some of whom are living with addictions, relationship issues and extreme mental health issues. This work has made me realise how easily we can go from feeling that we are coping to becoming someone feeling lost in the system as if we are just a problem to be dealt with.

I first became interested in the idea of counselling when I enrolled on a course to be a hypnotherapist over ten years ago. Our trainer was a hypnotherapist and a qualified counsellor and I felt more drawn to counselling than hypnotherapy.

I had always attended Meditation groups and found that visualisations within hypnotherapy were similar to those used within meditations and realised how meditation can also be used therapeutically.

What else?

I completed my hypnotherapy training and promptly started to look into training to become a counsellor. During this period of time my life was also becoming difficult to manage. I was holding down full time work, raising a family whilst my relationship was falling apart.

I took the decision to see a counsellor and, although it was initially daunting, I too had the thought of ‘how can a stranger have any idea how I am feeling and be able to help me’ I found that my counselling sessions were pivotal in helping me to move forward.

It was during this period that I discovered Reiki, Theta healing and tapping, first having each modality as a client, before training to be a practitioner.

Since then I have learned other energy healing modalities and I am also trained to work with Moon cycles alongside more traditional coaching and therapeutic methods.

What do I offer?

I have vast experience of delivering counselling, coaching and energy healing face to face and online and I have always offered the option of telephone counselling and coaching. I am confident in all areas of delivery and I use whatever method that the client feels the most comfortable with.

I have held meditation groups within workplaces.

I support Mental Health First Aiders within various organisations offering them a safe place to discuss any issues that arise for them.

I offer group coaching programmes.

I have had experience of all of the modalities as a client and it is through being a client and seeing how successful these therapies were to me, and how they can be used within day to day life, that I undertook practitioner training in order to help other people to move forward.

That is why I am committed to the therapies that I offer.

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