Reiki means universal Life Energy

I am a fully qualified Reiki master in the Usui system.

Origins of Reiki

Mikao Usui 15 August 1865 – 9 March 1926, was the founder of a form of spiritual practice known as Reiki, used as a complementary therapy for the treatment of physical, emotional, and mental diseases. Since originating in Japan, Reiki has been adapted into varying cultural traditions across the world. Life force flows within the physical body though pathways called chakras and meridians. It also flows around us in a field of energy called the aura.  Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. Reiki restores energy balance and vitality by relieving the physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress.

Reiki energy naturally flows where it is needed and cannot harm anyone. It works on mind, body and spirit. It has a positive impact on mood by balancing energy, releasing blocked emotions and bringing clarity and peace.

Reiki is a non invasive therapy. You remain fully clothed and lie on a Reiki bed or if this is not comfortable for you, seated on a chair. Its gentle nature means that it is suitable for everyone regardless of age.

One full hour of Reiki or Reiki combined with meditation or tapping

I believe that Reiki compliments any traditional medical treatment that you may be having. During a treatment I will place my hands over the key energy points of your body. During a Reiki treatment you may feel warmth from my hands and a deep feeling of relaxation.

Reiki assists with:

  • Stress, depression and anxiety
  • Back and neck pain
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Helps you sleep
  • Emotional wellbeing

Theta Healing®

I offer face to face and on line energy healing sessions.

Theta Healing® has been an established therapy since the mid 1990’s and was identified by Vianna Stibal as a way of helping others to access deeply held beliefs.

Theta Healing® works within the theta brainwave, which is a brainwave that is usually only accessed whilst in a hypnotherapy session or within deep meditation.  It is a brainwave of between 4 and 7 cycles per second.  It has been discovered that if a person can access the theta state, they can also easily help another person to access the state alongside them.  Whilst both practitioner and client are in the theta state  they can access the subconscious mind and identify core and limiting beliefs that are not always obvious when we are trying to verbalise our issues.  Whilst we are working together in the theta state we are both fully conscious and aware of everything that is happening within the session.

Theta Healing® works well alongside conventional treatment.

Theta Healing® is particularly beneficial for PTSD and trauma where the client may find it difficult to verbalise the actual event.

Theta Healing® helps alleviate distress including:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Self sabotage
  • Anger
  • Phobia
  • Relationships
  • Financial Issues
  • Addictions

Akashic Records

Whilst we are in the theta state we can easily access the Akashic Records.  This is where all our memories of our previous lives are stored and can be accessed.  This may show us why we continue to play certain behaviours out in our current lives.  We can then heal those areas so that we can move forwards without repeating certain patterns.

One hour Theta Healing® session £55

Why not combine a Theta healing® session with an Akashic records reading.  We can look at how your past lives have informed your present life, also looking at ancestral healing through the generations, and begin the healing process.

90 minutes  Theta Healing® or Theta Healing® combined with Akashic Records (past life reading) £80

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