1st May 2017

Vision Boards are more than just pretty pictures

Vision boards are a combination of words and images attached to a board.

They are often seen as fun to create but of no use in the real world, but like everything they only work if we are consistent in using them.  They are often made and taken home where they are abandoned and forgotten about or used more as an ornament rather than a tool to be used daily. They are meant to be organic and can change over time as we add or remove images and words.  We need to put them somewhere that we can see them every day and act on what we are seeing.  Using meditations and tapping whilst focussing on the vision board allows us to notice the blocks we are placing on ourselves and we can then let go and move forwards.

Vision boards can be used as a motivational tool when we are training for something or have a goal in mind or as a general tool for lifestyle changes we wish to implement.

One of the benefits from being a therapist is being able to collaborate with other therapists and I had the pleasure of working with Denise Withey from the Healing Sanctuary to deliver a Vision Board worskshop day for manifesting our greatest self. We both believe in working with small groups of people to  enable everyone to feel heard and  not feel rushed.

The event was held at the Healing Sanctuary where we created a relaxed, calming space.

The morning started with a meditation and EFT (tapping) session which allowed us to really explore limiting beliefs and where we repeat the same patterns which prevent us from moving forwards.

We often think that we know what our blocks are and that if they are removed everything will work out, but if it was that easy wouldn’t we have already removed these blocks and be living the lives of our choice?  Using tapping helped us to go deeper into our subconscious and to bypass these surface blocks and to see what lies underneath and what is really preventing us from moving forwards.  With our new found knowledge of what was actually holding us back we  used meditations to visualise the lives that we wish to live and what we wish to achieve.

This means that when we came to make our boards we had more insight into what we actually want and need rather than what we imagine that we want.

The afternoon was spent creating our vision bards.  We provided the boards and magazines, and some participants brought items and images personal to them for their boards.  There was  a lot of laughter, which is essential to any workshop based on growth and moving forwards.

We ended the day with a theta session for the group to consolidate everything that we had been learning about ourselves, and a meditation to ground us all.

Everyone left with their vision boards and copies of all the meditations and tapping scripts so that they could continue to work on their beliefs at home as the real work starts after the boards are created and we have become aware of our blocks and limiting beliefs.